Investment Team

  • Luke Sun

    Luke Sun - Partner

    Luke is an experienced venture capitalist with proven expertise in technology-enabled innovations.
  • George Li

    George Li - Partner

    George has over 12 years’ experience of management, start-up consulting and investment in high technology sector.
  • Jiang Han

    Jiang Han - Partner

    Jiang has 15 years’ medical and pharmaceutical industrial experiences in research and development, operation, management and entrepreneurship in both China and overseas.
  • Jun jie Yang

    Jun jie Yang - Partner

    Dr. Junjie Yang have over 20 years' experience of R&D, management and entrepreneurship in biotech industry.
  •  Jun Zhu

    Jun Zhu - Partner

  • Xiao ying Yang

    Xiao ying Yang - Business Partner

    Ms. Yang Xiaoying has many years of experience in private equity investment and in high-tech and medical service companies for management and operation.


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